About UCS

Established in 1991, Unified Credit Solutions (UCS), is a leading B2B credit management group specializing in Business Information Services, Receivables Management, Debt Collection and Para Legal Services.

UCS is a joint participant in the worldwide expanding network of B2B Credit Management service providers offering a total solution to all credit management needs and beyond.

With representation across all major global cities covering 214 countries, UCS has assembled a tried and tested team of professionals and local partners that provide for prompt, efficient and reliable service making problems such as language, culture and differing commercial and legal practices, a thing of past.

Clients include major Banks, Credit Insurers, Embassies and Consulates, Accounting & Legal Firms and a wide range of Multinationals.

We are represented in all leading industry associations globally that helps us to remain updated of the changing global scenario.

We recognize that every client has different needs and therefore, we customize our services to your specific needs. Our talent lies in our ability to be flexible and to tailor our services to the job on hand.

Our enduring relationships are testimony to our belief that our clients are our best salespersons.

Our goal is to provide quality services on a worldwide basis. We achieve our goal with relentless research, experimentation, efficient use of technology and teamwork.When you are ready to know more about our services, please contact info@ucs-mail.com



Business Information Services

Trust is good – solvency check is better. the credibility is not easy...

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Debt Collection

"Fine wines get better with time but debts never do"Do you have problem....

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Para Legal Services

Formulation and drafting of commercial and transactional legal...

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Receivables Management

UCS provides outsourced solutions which accelerate cash flow clients...

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